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Several years ago, my life fell apart. 

A lot of pain.  A lot of brokenness.  Uncertainty. 

The years that followed is a simple story.  God drew near to the brokenhearted, as He promises He will. Extravagant Love. Grace. Healing.

But the Healing came in a surprising form. 


He spoke my true Identity over me.  Layer by layer, I grasped how extraordinary that Identity is.  It's in His Presence, in a burgeoning new Identity, that I healed.

My broken and shattered pieces were re-formed into someone I never would have been had I not been broken.  And now I stand unshaken on these Truths:

I am Healed.  I am unconditionally Loved.

I am made One with an Incomparable God.  I am a Warrior.

And so are you. 

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