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Against the Tide

How do we stand... in this endless posturing?

The swirling, consuming, suffocating rhythms of human pursuit??

Like an ocean current that sweeps us helplessly out to sea.

We don't resist. We ride the current. We convince ourselves that this is our portion... our purpose... this is happiness.

But there's that silent voice.

It's always been there, but we silence it. Because it's inconvenient.

Yet it's still there, fleeting our eyes momentarily back to shore, daring to whisper to us... THAT is where we belong.

But surely no, we tell us ourselves.

The current of humanity is pulling us to meaningful things.

The pursuit of economy.

The pursuit of success.

The pursuit of tangible pleasures.

Building assets. Building legacy. Building the future.

The pursuit of lifestyle. The pursuit of self identity. The pursuit of pleasure. The pursuit of love.

The pursuit of what is new; what is best; what's in vogue.

We surrender to it.

We sacrifice for it.

We lay our lives down for it. We bleed emotionally and mentally and physically and spiritually to gain it.

We strive. We struggle. We fight for it. We devote ourselves to it.

And while we swirl and drift and ride this current of human conception that all these things will make us happy, we begin to experience the cold, deep, dark waters of knowing that this is not...

...where we belong.

So we pray... we ask God to come to us. To pursue us. To bless us. To give us His Presence...

And there lies the cold reality.

You pursued success. Economic gain. Tangible pleasures. Assets. Legacies. Lifestyle. Pleasure. A Self-promoting identity. Love. What's new, best and in vogue.

It sucked you in. It dragged you further and further out into the sea. And you surrendered to it. Sacrificed for it. Lay down your life for it. Pursued it all...

But now you realise - all that you truly want to be??... is not out in this ocean, not found in this current of human pursuits and achievements.

You realise that what you want most in life??... is not where you are.

That still, silent voice??... is being heard... and you turn your eyes back to the now distant shore - the dry land, the sandy beaches.

And there He is. Jesus.

Standing there. Waiting for you. Calling to you to swim back.

All you are created to be... is right there.

Your happiness. Your identity.

Your Joy. Your Purpose.

And unconditional and faithful Love.

Don't mistake what I'm saying. The pursuits of success and joy and pleasure and fulfillments are often fine and worthy pursuits.

But its how we pursue them. What current is pulling us along.

The worldly current of pursuits is driven from a perception of selfish gain.

We were created to pursue and live our lives in step with the One who created us.

That is where those additional pursuits bring us the greatest joy and purpose and pleasure and fulfilment.

With Him.

Not without Him.

And you know, that if you are to have what you want the most, you must now swim AGAINST the current of this world that you have been riding for so long.

But the current doesn't want you to swim to shore. It wants to keep you where you are. Bind you. Hold you captive.

But you MUST swim!!

You must swim against the current!!

You must swim against the tide of humanity telling you to go the other way.

You must swim against the voices, the emotions, everything you have known.

You must swim!!

You must keep swimming!!

You don't belong in the tides and currents of a fallen world. You don't belong in the philosophies and ideologies and pursuits of a godless world with a godless agenda.

You belong on the shore.

You belong with Him.

With ALL that He wants to give you.

And so once again... you are faced with the reality of surrender, sacrifice, laying down your life, pursuing something at whatever cost.

You did it before... to pursue worldly gains, worldly pleasures, worldly lifestyles - that have left you empty and broken. You pursued the world with all your strength.

Will you now do it for Him??

To take back what the currents and tides of humanity have stolen from you??

Your True Purpose?? Your True Identity??

Who you were created to be??

True Life. True Joy. Peace. Purpose.

Unconditional and faithful love.

It's never too late!!

Turn your eyes back to shore.

Will you surrender?? Sacrifice??

And pursue Him... and all He wants for you??

Will you swim against the current now??


And keep swimming!!

Until you reach the shore and are standing...

... right

where you were created to be!!

Where you are unconditionally loved...

Where you have a purpose.

This is your calling!! This is what you were created to do!! This is who you were created to be!! This is your Divine Purpose!! This is what you want... in your heart!!

Swim now!!.. to where you truly belong ❤️🙏

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