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Turn Off the Noise

I like driving with music.

I often turn it up, windows down, and I'm never ashamed of singing out my favourite tunes. I have a playlist for every emotion, every day - every mood catered for.

I took off on a mini road trip a few years ago - and I pulled up by a secluded beach to send a few messages to family and friends.

I was only going to be a few minutes, so I parked and left the car running.

My road trip playlist hadn't been loud - but with those tunes pumping, the wind rushing into the windows on the freeway, coupled with my voice and thoughts... things were pretty noisy!!

Until I parked at the beach.

In the middle of a txt message, I heard it.

Behind the music, I heard a faint, distinct rattle. I turned everything off - and there it was. My car engine was labouring and rattling in a way that made me very nervous... and I had NO IDEA because of all my "noise"!!

And God spoke to me...

"Too many people don't hear My Voice because their life is filled with NOISE!!"

The noise of busyness. The noise of technology: Smart Phones. Tablets. Apps. Computers. People. Social Media (how many are YOU managing??).

Kids to school. Go to work. Catch up with friends. Social 'mediate' with friends - and strangers. Things you have to get done. Things you want to get done.

Netflix - your latest tv series binge watch.

It's one thing after another after another after another... and we get trapped in its addictive cycle from the moment we WAKE to the moment we sleep!!

And let's be honest... a lot of our "noise" can be frivolous, superficial and completely unnecessary.

It's no wonder we can't hear God's Voice clearly, if we can even hear Him at all!!

Yet to hear Him speak, we have to slow down, we have to be quiet... we have to Be Still!! We have to... TURN OFF THE NOISE!!!

Switch it off. Hit the "off" button!! Take moments every day when your brain is not downloading the world's noise!!... quiet your mind and soul and start tuning in to what God has to say.

It can be in the car... at the gym... in the shower... mowing the lawn... doing your laundry... cooking yourself dinner... riding the subway... going for your walk or run...

You'd be surprised how many times a day or things you can do... where you CAN turn off the noise and tune into God's Voice.

HIS voice is the one that is going to affirm you. HIS voice is going to teach you. HIS voice is going to comfort you... guide you... instruct you... love you... motivate you... draw you closer to Him... give your life TRUE meaning and REAL value and Purpose... and it's HIS voice that's going to tell you something's wrong with what you're doing, it's His voice that corrects you and brings conviction to your heart.

How can you be who you are created to be, if you DROWN OUT the very ONE who created you and has the perfect template, the perfect blueprint and perfect Love for your life??

And so let's be honest together... what noise is more important??

Your social media friends, your favourite songs, your Netflix binge, the endless array of information and photos and memes your brain is downloading...??

... or God??

The greatest lover of your soul that you'll ever know??

There is a time and place for all the other things, don't get me wrong.

But the greatest thing that should deserve our attention... is God.

He is the greatest relationship we will ever have, right??!?

So why do we let so much empty, meaningless noise drown Him out?? It's just not worth it!!

I challenge you... pick those times during your day... and TURN OFF THE NOISE... and tune in to Him...

"Be still and know that He is God":)


“Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.” (Psalms 46:10 NLT)

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