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Life is fragile.

With one breath, we exhale to conquer the world.

With the next, we can gasp in horror as everything comes crumbling down around us.

In one moment, the sky is the limit and onward and upward we go.

A fleeting moment passes and we can be shell shocked and scrambling to pick up the pieces.

We can be soaring one day - and trembling on our knees the next.

An empire of stone becomes a house of cards.

We work and strive to attain things that can literary fall and crumble, or be devastated by nature's unpredictable and fearful strength.

We can dream and plan our futures with precision, hope and investment, only to have life cut short in an instant.

Life is so fragile, that tragedy can visit any one of us - at any given time, in any given way: family, finances, job, security, pandemics, accidents, health, assets, investments, relationships.

Everything that we value in our society, everything we place our security and identity in, is so incredibly fragile.

Why do we place such security in such fragility?

Why do we pour so much energy into things that can leave us devastated in a mere moment of a whisper?

The personal, emotional and mental carnage left in the wake of crumbling securities is so devastating.

It shakes us.

It lays siege to fragile world and all that we value.

Are we placing our identity, purpose, and security in all the wrong things??

Is it possible that we are misguided in our endeavours??

What if we shifted our identity and purpose away from these fragile things?

What if we no longer placed our self value and security in things that so easily crumble around us and beneath us?

What if our purpose, identity, self worth and security could be so deeply rooted and entrenched in something so unshakable, that we are no longer fragile? Or no matter how our world crumbles, our identity, self worth, purpose and security are not shaken or challenged?

We can.

God offers us a new identity, that grounds us in rich unshakable promises that nothing on this earth can challenge. The identity that He gives us, rebirths the very essence of who we are emotionally, spiritually, mentally and even physically. It is an identity grander, brighter, more enduring and illustrious than any identity we take upon ourselves from career, assets, fashion, success, fame, social media influencing, or how we identify in any way.

From that extraordinary identity that He extends to us, comes a self worth that is valid more than any economy can gather, any gold or precious stones that can be accumulated or any volumes of praise poured over you by adoring others.

From that identity and self worth, comes a unique purpose given to you that far exceeds any success, achievement or accomplishment, is grander than any other adventure you'll embark on and has more impact on this earth than anything else you can give yourself to.

And your security lies in the unconditional and faithful promises that God gives you - that the identity, purpose and self worth He gives you is unshakable... and He is 100% devoted and committed to your life - establishing your unshakable identity and self worth, fulfilling your extraordinary purpose and ensuring you have everything you need to remain strong in it all, despite your circumstances.

And nothing... absolutely nothing... is greater than God and all that God establishes, declares and promises over our lives.

The extraordinary truth that is before us, is that when we walk and live our lives with Him and in His promises, we are no longer fragile, no matter what happens to us, what comes against us, or what crumbles around us.

Life will break us at some point... I know, I have been there.

But being broken doesn't mean that we are fragile.

Even the strongest of elements on this earth can be broken.

Fragility occurs when we are relying on an unstable identity, self worth and security.

Build your house on sand and shifting ground... and it will crumble.

Build your house on solid foundation... and it will stand strong.

Establish who you are on fragile things... and you will be fragile.

Establish yourself on unshakable things - the love and power of God - and you will never be fragile.

The world around us... is unstable, uncertain... and so very, very fragile.

With God within us... we never, ever have to be.

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