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Shading The Shine #1

Whenever storms rage in the sky, whenever darkness has covered the land, when winter is at its brutal coldest… it’s not because the sun is shining any less.

The sun is still raging in its all ferocious might.

It’s still radiating the same blistering heat.

It’s still producing the same blinding light.

The sun NEVER stops shining.

It’s the clouds and storms that come between us and the sun, that shades the sun’s shine.

It’s the tilt of the earth’s axis that leans us into cold winters.

It’s the face of the earth that we stand upon that rotates us away from the sun that causes it to set.

The light, warmth and nourishment of the sun is hindered and shaded - and can only return to us at the mercy of the storm breaking and dissipating, or the axis of the earth tilting back towards it's life giving warmth, or the rotation of the earth allowing it rise again on the eastern horizon.

The storms and darkness and winters of our soul often feel the same.

The circumstances that can descend relentlessly upon us, shake us to our core, fill our lives with stress, fear and anxiety can shadow our hearts, mind and soul.

But while our celestial sun can be hindered, shaded...

... the SON, He never stops shining.

The hope for humanity. Jesus Christ.

The Son of God.

Unlike the elemental sun, which is shaded by the raging storms and bows to the celestial clockwork of days, nights and seasons, the Son of God does not bow to storms of life that come against us.

The sun… shines from above.

The Son… shines from within.

No storm of life, no darkness, no lonely and cold winter of the soul is stronger than the Son within.

His light pushes back against the darkness, His Peace is greater than any opposing storm, His warmth keeps the cold winter of the soul at bay.

No matter how much life’s circumstances relentlessly press in against us, the Son within us shines brighter.

Peace. Hope. Identity.

Strength. Courage. Assurance.

The Son equips us with everything we need to shine against all that comes against us.

The ONLY thing that can shade the Shine of the Son within us…

…is ourself.

We either choose to be overwhelmed by the darkness, stress, hurt, brokenness, anxieties, fears, troubles or challenges that oppose us.

Or we choose to live fully in the love, peace, strength, provision and empowerment of the Son within us.

We have a choice to make.

To either shade His Shine.

Or embrace His Shine.

But YOU must make the choice.

Further digestion:

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Matthew 5:14-16

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Isaiah 54:17

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♥ IAIN… Thank you! ♥️ Beautiful. Powerful. Nourishing for the soul.

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